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I am 31 years old and I designed my own dream house. The house was not finished yet and I decided to live in a camper van. Back to basic. But never regret designing the house: @m__casestudy .

I graduated from the HKU in Utrecht (art academy).


  1. I am the owner of MARIEKKEvintage, with 500M² of vintage design furniture.

  2. I like to look for treasures on the internet, from traders, at markets and at auctions.

  3. I like an interior with a lot of character and individuality. I like it when you recognize a personality in an interior.

  4. I love to travel to discover different styles, furniture and architecture all over the world.

  5. I not only love creativity but also want to lead a creative life with a lot of freedom.

Hi, my name is Marieke

What participants say:

Cursus vintage

Cursus vintage

Cursus uniqueness in your interior


"The module on purchasing tips was really very useful! It makes the search for treasures more effective and fun!''


"With the skills I just learned, I found out that I have scored a real Egon Ostergaard secretaire. How nice is that!"

Review Jacqueline wit websitekopie.jpg

"I will definitely participate again in the next course in March."

How I could start a successful business within a year with a trained eye.

If you start a company with vintage design furniture, you need a lot of knowledge about the history and origin of this furniture. But even without this knowledge you can learn to recognize gems. You need a trained eye for this. Because by looking closely at a piece of furniture you recognize quality and therefore also the value of a product.

A glimpse into my life as a true treasure hunter:

I do not only search for items via the internet but also a lot on markets and auctions. When I visit a market, I walk into the market at 5:30 am. You will then see the first objects appearing from the buses and trucks around 6 a.m. With a flashlight in my hand I walk from one end of the market to the other. Hoping to be the first to get to the best furniture. And if you arrive first, it is important to make a quick decision. Otherwise someone else is ahead of you ..


The first time this was very exciting, because I didn't know exactly what I was doing yet. I relied mainly on my intuition and keen eye for detail. For example, I bought a sideboard for € 600 within 5 minutes and I was washed within an hour

€ 3000 lighter. Without knowing exactly what I bought. I found this out later on the internet.

In my course on vintage & interior I teach you to get a grip on this, then you immediately grasp the most important characteristic regarding vintage.


MARIEKKE vintage customers: 

2020_12_Marieke Jansen_Huis_def 2.jpg
RHAW - Villa Ventura 1188.jpg

My interior beliefs:

  1. An interior is a reflection of yourself, such as your clothes.

  2. I fully support Vivianne Westwood's belief: “Buy less. Choose well '' .
    Do I really need this? This is what I ask myself every time I buy something.

  3. Think in terms of possibilities, even if you have to deal with limitations, this often leads to the most creative ideas for your interior.

  4. Kill your darlings .. It is rarely possible to use all your great ideas in an interior. If you do this or succeed, this will not benefit your interior 9 times out of 10. So choose wise.

Architect:  RHAW architecture
Photo:           Marcel van der Burg


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Schermafbeelding 2021-09-16 om 08.49.22.png

How I designed my own home for an inspiring environment

There are several ways to create an inspiring environment for yourself. I unintentionally did this quite rigorously by designing an entire house myself together with my then partner.

It is important that you walk your own path. I believe that you can make something fantastic out of almost any building and furnish it into your favorite place.

Are you curious about my self-designed home? Then take a look at: @M__Casestudy

RHAW - Villa Ventura 1722.jpg

Architect:  RHAW architecture
Foto:           Marcel van der Burg

MARIEKKE academy participants: 

Carice van Houten


TheoBert Pot van The nice stuff collector


Maartje van Bartsboekje

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