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Is the individuality in your interior course something for you?

Find out quickly by doing the check below.

Do you answer more than 3 of the following questions with Yes ? Then you are 100% suitable!

  • Do you want to get to know your own style?

  • Do you let other people's opinions about your ideas hold you back?

  • Would you like to know more about colors / patterns / materials?

  • Do you have less than 3 light points in 1 room?

  • Do you find it difficult to convert your inspirational images into an interior design ?

  • Do you think creativity cannot be learned? (I'll prove you wrong in the course)

  • Are you afraid of making mistakes in your interior, and do you have a monotonous or '' standard '' interior ?

  • Do you often doubt in the store whether the product or object really fits into your interior?

  • Can't choose and do you think everything is nice and beautiful ?

  • Not sure how to think out of the box?

And? How many questions have you answered yes?

Were these more than 3? Then quickly press I want to participate !

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